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Strong User Authentication and Access Control for LINUX Environments in a Fully Integrated System using PAM modules

Statistically 70 - 80 % of all network intrusions and unauthorized access are from internal sources. Increasing at an alarming rate, computer crime is defined by the FBI to include network intrusion to alter, steal or destroy information or to disable systems by computer. Now there is an effective, out-of-the-box solution to protect your network with Strong Authentication based on proven technology of VASCO Data security.

! Forget passwords !
Think about important things

STADRIN is simply and easy to install application that will allow you to use a very secure dynamic password instead of an insecure static password.

You don't have to change and remember complicated static passwords. The only thing you need is one PIN for access to an authentication calculator (token) that generates one time passwords for all system services you want.

You can sleep well, because the security is guaranteed and is proven by more then 150 banks around the world.

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